Notre Dame Graduation Day

 University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

In one of the top 10 highlights of my life, I was fortunate enough to witness my son's graduation from the University of Notre Dame.  Needless to say, we were all extremely proud of his accomplishment graduating cum laude with his Master's Degree in Business Analytics, and I was very proud of his dedication and perseverance to fulfill his childhood dream of graduating from Notre Dame.

While at Notre Dame, I took quite a few photographs, capturing the beauty of the area, even on days where the weather wasn't cooperating perfectly.


NOVA Volleyball

Time for some volleyball photos!  I had the pleasure of photographing the NOVA U12 volleyball team, which included both individual photos of each girl, as well as the team photo with the coaches.  And of course, with every team session I do, I always create a customized memory mate, as well as a customized magnet.  Creating these customizations for team names, logos, and colors make them one of a kind!    


I always enjoy the opportunity to add creativity into what may be considered "standard" photographs.  For the Shamrocks team photo, we decided to go with a "tough girl" attitude and a dark background on their home court.  You don't want to mess with them on game day either, as they ended up champions of the high school CYO league.   

R Lawrence Photography

PN Magazine

In alignment with HPH, I recently photographed for PN Online, who publishes a magazine dedicated to "better wheelchair living".  The session was to capture how HPH can build stunning homes, which are customized for people in wheelchairs.   It was such an honor meeting the homeowners and photographing their beautiful home!

School Photos

I do quite a photo sessions for local schools and daycares.  The young ones are always very intrigued to see my "mobile photo setup".  It's actually not too elaborate -- just a few strobes and backdrop -- but to them, it's quite fancy.

In most sessions, we do group / class photos, as well as individuals.  Families can order photos of varying sizes, as well as magnets and my personalized "memory mates".  

Our Memory Mate is a high-quality 8x10 photographic print designed specifically for your team, club, or organization.  It is digitally designed with a new layout where the individual and group photos are printed directly onto the photo.  The Memory Mate is personalized with your team's, club's, or organization's name and logo, the individual's first name, and the year.  
It's the perfect size for framing in any 8x10 frame you want to use.

R Lawrence Photography


Some days, there are little surprises that creep up on you.  Something unexpected.  

After a great day at the annual crab party, this beauty formed at the end of a brief shower.  Bonus points that I had the corn field in the foreground, which only added to one of nature's true beauty.  Grateful I had one of my pro cameras with me at the time!

R Lawrence Photography

Andrea & Eric's Engagement Session

On a perfect evening in Gettysburg, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Andrea and Eric for their outdoor engagement session.  This great couple is from West Chester, and will be getting married next spring in Gettysburg.

We spent an hour walking around the picturesque grounds that provided the perfect background for their photos.

Andrea and Eric were up for anything when it came to their photographs, which sounded awesome to me!  As the session went on, they were becoming pros at posing!

One of the final shots of the evening was this incredible reflection shot in the water ...

R Lawrence Photography

Kiere DeGranchamp

For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that I've done several photography sessions for High Performance Homes, including commercial photos of the interior and exterior of the model home, and photos of their grand opening.  HPH is the "leader in energy home building", and area based in Gettysburg.  

HPH is using the photos I took for their website, and for marketing brochures and materials.  I also recently spent 30 minutes with their president, Kiere DeGranchamp, and did an outdoor headshot session at their location.  Kiere was great to photograph, and before too long, I had the shots he wanted!

R Lawrence Photography