Kyle and I joined forces to photograph Hannah and Jared's recent wedding at Wyndridge Farm, a beautiful venu in Dallastown.  But not only is it a wedding venue, but it's also a fine dining restaurant, AND they brew their own beer, cider, and soda.  

And just like quite a few of our recent weddings, we had rain on their wedding day as well.  But I'm not telling you anything new about the rain.  We've gotten so much lately, I'm beginning to feel like I live in Seattle.  But, like all weddings when it rains, it's up to the photographers to make sure we take advantage of any breaks in the rain for outdoor shots, and to utilize the rain for some breathtaking photos.  Thankfully, both Hannah and Jared for up for just about anything when it came to photography!  After all, Hannah was wearing her cowboy boots!

Congratulations again to Hannah and Jared!