I finally talked myself into getting an underwater camera.  And with a weekend trip to Ocean City on the horizon, the time to make the purchase was now.  The choice in cameras was fairly easy -- Go Pro.  Yea, I've seen all the cool online videos taken by Go Pro cameras, including the ones taken from a surfboard.  I'm not a surfer, nor was I planning to spend much time in shark-infested waters, especially after watching a record number of hours of Shark Week on The Discovery Channel.  Nonetheless, I knew the Go Pro Hero4 was my choice.

I used the camera in the ocean and in the sand.  Heck, if it's water-proof, certainly it's sand-proof.  But before I took it to the sand and ocean, I tried it out in the pool at the condo we were staying.  Now if you know me, I'm VERY cautious with my cameras and laptops around water.  Even if a glass of water is sitting on the table next to my Mac, my stress level increases dramatically.

So the first time I took my Hero4 around the water at the pool, I must say I was a little on edge.  OK, maybe a lot.  But finally I laid to rest my concerns, and slowly began to trust Go Pro and the waterproof underwater housing.  Slowly I submerged my camera, which was purchased just a few hours prior.  Yay!  It IS water proof!  It wasn't long before I started capturing some unbelievable underwater photography and video.  Heck, I even put it in the sand the next day, and let the seagulls enjoy it:


I'll post some of the underwater shots I took with my camera later on.  But in the meantime, if there are any swimmers or divers out there that want some cool underwater shots taken, either for senior portraits, or for swim clubs, or for whatever reason, please reach out to me because I can't wait to get my Hero4 under water again!