Do you believe in karma?  I think to some degree, we all believe in it.  Usually, though, we think of karma in a negative way.  Well, karma can also mean something positive … something good.  Doing something good for others will result in good coming to you.  

As the sun rose on the day before Thanksgiving in 2013, Sammi and Tyler had never met.  As a matter of fact, Sammi and Tyler never knew either one even existed.  As the day goes on, that’s all about to change.

Sammi wakes up and starts her day getting ready to volunteer in York to prepare meals for hundreds of people who can’t afford Thanksgiving meals.  (Such a great way to make a difference in the world!)  That same morning, Tyler wakes up and starts his day getting ready to volunteer in York to prepare meals for hundreds of people who can’t afford Thanksgiving meals.  (you know where this love story is going, don’t you!)

As Sammi and Tyler were going their separate ways volunteering throughout the day, Sammi notices this guy about her age looking at her a few times.  Sammi was immediately intrigued about this “really cute guy”, so through some research, she was eventually introduced to him that day.  As Sammi puts it, “the moment we started talking and getting to know each other a little bit, and just laughing constantly, after an hour I knew there was something and that this was the man I would marry.”

Fast forward, and now Tyler is planning to propose to Sammi.  Tyler wanted to make this a memorable proposal for Sammi, so how does proposing in front of over 20,000 people sound?  Tyler proposed at a Christian music festival with a very elaborate plan to get them both up on stage.  It involved a scheme of accidentally “losing” Sammi’s cell phone, working with a friend at the festival to “find” it, and being asked to come up on stage to embarrass the people who "lost the phone”.  It worked to perfection, and Tyler was able to get on one knee on stage to propose.  And of course, Sammi said, “Yes!”.  See the awesome video here.

The wedding preparations begin, and Sammi and her mom go to a wedding dress store to just kind of browse around.  Well, the third dress that she tried on was the dress she knew she was going to wear on her wedding day.  "It was a fit and flare style, the color was called vintage, a very beautiful ivory-like color.  Sweetheart neckline.  The whole dress had a beautiful lace and beaded overlay and beading in the top on the neckline. I didn't cry the first time I think I was so excited that I couldn't. We went back a few weeks later with family and friends and surprised them that I had already gotten a dress that time I cried and it was a very emotional happy moment.”

On their wedding day, Sammi went through a few periods of intense nerves, which is very normal on such a big day!  Shortly before the ceremony was set to begin, and with nerves racing in overdrive, we were able to setup a photo opportunity where Sammi and Tyler were in the same photo, but they couldn’t see each other.  (They wanted the “first look” to occur as Sammi walked down the aisle at the start of the ceremony).  Needless to say, it made for a great photo of Sammi and Tyler together, but it also did one more very important thing:  it calmed the nerves of both Sammi and Tyler.  As Sammi puts it, holding Tyler’s hand before the start of the ceremony “was the most calm I felt that whole day before the ceremony”.  Tyler’s nerves were put as ease as well:  “I was very nervous upon arrival and it continued to grow until I grabbed her hand behind the wall, and I just had a peace about everything.  It just gave me a comfort that nothing else really mattered”.

Sammi and Tyler had a beautiful ceremony and reception, and I was honored to be a part of it by capturing their wedding photographs that they will cherish forever!  Thanks again to my second shooter, Mickey, who did an incredible job as well.